Riding the Waves of the Heart

A Virtual At-Home Retreat


Winnie Nazarko & Cara Lai Fitzgibbon

Date: Friday June 12-19, 2020
Location: Online, in the comfort of our own homes.
Retreat Description

     The themes of this retreat are responsive to your needs at this time. We recognize it's challenging living with the current crisis and its stresses and isolation. Yet here we all are. We have to work with the situation we have.

     We can practice steadiness of mind, get grounded, and connect with community to strengthen our heart/mind. It’s about learning wise relationship to our actual immediate experience, using the tools of mindfulness, goodwill, and self-compassion. Our teachers, Winnie Nazarko and Cara Lai, will guide you in the process of learning how to meditate with the circumstances you have, and become stronger for it.


What you can expect:

     Even though we will not be together in person, the virtual format includes as many elements of the in-person retreat schedule as possible. This includes guided meditation and instructions, evening Dharma talks, teacher led chanting, and individual practice meetings with the teachers.

    Many of us are working at home under various conditions which can impact our ability to participate with an online retreat. With this in mind, we have created two options for participation. 

A sample of the daily schedule is available here

Option A (Full)

    This is suitable for those who are able to engage in practice more intensively which will includes a full-day schedule including daily sit or walking meditation with instructions, afternoon Brahma Vihara sit, evening Dharma talk, Q&A and individual practice meetings. This option has a limited capacity of 35.

Option B (Modified) 

    This is suitable for those who would like to participate in some aspects of the retreat, but due to circumstances are unable to commit to the full retreat. Yogis will participate in morning instructions (9:30am EDT), afternoon Brahma Vihara sit (3:30pm EDT), and the evening Dharma talk (7:30 pm EDT) - each session will last very roughly 1hr. This option has unlimited capacity.


    The retreat will be hosted through Zoom. Participants can choose to use the video option through a computer or use a call in phone number for audio only.



   The morning instructions, Brahma Vihara sits and Dharma talks will be recorded and made available to retreat participants (both full and modified). 


This retreat is suitable for all MBSR/MBCT professionals


Registration Fees: 

Option A (full): $375.00

Option B (modified): $90.00

About the Fee

     The amount is in part a cost recovery of administrative fees for online delivery (eg. Zoom, Paypal, website maintenance etc.). The remainder of the fee is collected as a donation (Dana) for the support and well-being of the our teachers. The Dharma Retreat Board of Directors volunteer their time to organize retreats and do not receive any remuneration. 

About Dana

     Dana follows a 2500-year-old Buddhist tradition, were teachers offer retreats free of charge. Instead, they are supported by voluntary donations from their students. The dana provided by the registration fee is modest for what our teachers provide. 

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