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About Dharma Retreats

Our Beginnings    

          Dharma Retreats was founded by Dr. Kate Partridge in 1998. We are a small non-profit venture provides annual meditation retreats in Ontario for people wishing to learn and deepen their practice of Vipassana (Insight Meditation) and Metta (Loving-kindness Meditation).

     In July 2016, Laurie Morrison, Leslie Morgan & John Lovas happily joined Kate to help run Dharma Retreats. Despite health challenges, Kate remained actively involved until her peaceful passing on March 5, 2018. We continue on Kate's passion for spreading the experience of meditation to all who are interested.


About the Organisation
     Dharma Retreats is completely volunteer run with a three member board of directors. There are no paid employees however, the registration fee is covered for the Retreat Manager.  
Registration Fees
      The registration fees are offered on a sliding scale to cover accommodation & meals; the teachers' expenses and the organization's administrative costs (eg. website fees).  
     Teachers of the Dharma do not charge for the teachings but rather those that hear the teaching of Dharma can offer 'dana' to the teacher. Dana, Pali word, is translated as generosity. 

A Unique Experience     

     This retreat is a unique experience in two aspects. First, the setting at Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre sitting atop Niagara Falls, is intended for people seeking a quiet and contemplative environment with private rooms each with an adjoining bathroom. Secondly, the retreat is kept small for a maximum of 40 people. This creates an intimate atmosphere for deeply engaging in the practice of meditation. 

We hope you will join us at our next retreat. 

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