Meditation Retreats Toronto Ontario
Meditation Retreats Toronto
Meditation Retreats Toronto Ontario
Meditation Retreats Toronto Ontario

      Insight Meditation

     Vipassana, or Insight Meditation, is a simple, yet profound meditation practice that has the ability to transform how we experience the world. Through the cultivation of moment to moment awareness, life is seen how it actually is, as opposed to how we think or want it to be. Through this discovery, it becomes possible to have a more harmonious relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

     This understanding has a profound effect on our lives. It is the catalyst that allows us to let go of the views, thoughts and behaviors that get in the way of true happiness. 


Will tentatively be ONLINE - June 11-18, 2021 led by Greg Scharf.

Registration begins November 1, 2020.

Our Team & What We Do

     Since Dharma Retreats (officially "Dharma Vipassana And Metta Retreats") was founded by Dr. Kate Partridge in 1998, this small non-profit venture has been providing annual meditation retreats in Ontario for people wishing to learn and deepen their practice of Vipassana / Insight Meditation and Metta / Loving-kindness Meditation.

     In July 2016, Laurie Morrison, Leslie Morgan & John Lovas happily joined Kate to help run Dharma Retreats. Despite health challenges, Kate remained actively involved until a month before she died peacefully at home, with her family by her side, on March 5, 2018.

     Each year, we continue to offer a week-long silent meditation retreat, usually at the Convent of the Sisters of St. John the Divine, in Willowdale (Toronto), Ontario, Canada.
     As a non-profit organization, the registration fee covers participants' accommodation & meals; the teacher's travel expenses, accommodation & meals; website maintenance; email, registration & payment platforms; and incidentals. Starting with our June 2020 retreat, financial assistance for one participant is available.
     Teachers do not charge for the teachings - so in addition to the registration fee, participants voluntarily support teachers by way of 'dana'
     Dharma Retreats is run by unpaid volunteers, who pay the same registration fee & dana as other participants. The retreat manager, Linda Barrett, is also unpaid, but her registration, accommodation & meals are covered.
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